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Leave Mold Removal to The Pros | TMG Companies

DIY projects, tend to save homeowner lots of money. Thanks to Pinterest and Facebook it seems like everyone is partaking in DIY projects verses hiring a professional. If you are skilled, ambitious and have some knowledge, a little bit of experience, and an adventurous attitude, then you are probably capable of tackling a lot of tasks around your home yourself. However, there are just some jobs that really should not be attempted by an amateur. If it wasn’t obvious, mold removal should be near the top of that list. Below we have provided 4 major reasons you should avoid DIY mold removal and leave this job to the experts like TMG.

1. DIY Mold Removal Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Besides DIY mold removal being ineffective, the endeavor can also be very dangerous. Mold removal technicians and professionals use the right protective gear to keep them safe. At TMG we are carefully equipped to with the correct equipment to keep our professionals safe. Breathing in mold or mold spores can cause serious immediate and ongoing health problems. It should also be noted that the chemicals used to attack mold can also be super dangerous. These chemicals can cause severe health problems if from inhaled or if it comes in contact to the skin.

2. It Can Be Hard to Assess the Extent of Mold Damage

One of the first tasks when a problem acquires is to assess the problem and then to fully understand what the problem is. When it comes to mold invasions, this can be quite difficult to do. Since mold loves and thrives in dark and damp places it can make it hard to properly examine. Also in the beginning, mold growth is usually invisible. You may not realize a problem is happening until it becomes more noticeable. Tiny mold spores (and even the start of a mold colony) are so small that they are easily missed. Even when a large area of mold is discovered, it is usually so invasive that you would never be able to determine if all of the mold was removed with only the naked eye. When hiring a TMG specialist, we will make sure that all of the mold is not only identified but also removed.

3. The Right Tools and Equipment Make a Difference

One way that DIYers are at a clear disadvantage when it comes to mold remediation is the lack of the proper tools and equipment. Mold removal tools are usually not something you have just lying around the house or a common thing to purchase. Also most cleaning solutions available to the general public are not strong enough to completely stop and prevent mold growth. The chemical agents that are actually powerful enough to work properly are highly toxic. This requires handling from a trained mold removal professionals. These kinds of chemicals and tools are not safe or suitable for non professionals to handle and be very dangerous if not handled properly.

4. Not Getting the Job Done Right Can Be Very Costly

One of the main reasons not to attempt a DIY mold removal is that this job must be done right. When you make the decision to start a DIY project, you are always making a risk. If you do a subpar job on a landscape or painting project then probably won’t do you much long-term harm. However, if you fail to completely eliminate a mold problem then you could have serious, long-lasting, and costly consequences that affect your home and health.

A lot of times people decide to do a DIY project because it will save them some money. When it comes to mold removal, the money you think you can save by doing it yourself could end up costing you a lot more in the long run. This is when you want to leave the work to the professionals at TMG. Our mold removal experts know what they are doing when it comes to combating mold damage quickly, efficiently, and safely. You can count on us for safe and complete mold remediation done right every time!

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