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5 Tips to Prevent Your Basement from Flooding

Your basement is an important part of your home. Whether you use it as a man cave, living area or for storage, you need to make sure it remains dry because they are below ground which makes it easy for them.

Install Two Sump Pumps

You’ll want to install a sump pump in your basement to remove water that could possibly penetrate your basement. This is usually installed in the floor in the lowest spot of your basement and is powered by electricity so it will automatically turn on when needed.
There is always that situation where your sump pump could fail so we recommend having two. If one does fail, the backup sump pump can turn on and take over. It’ a real good idea to either hook up the sump pump to a generator or buy a battery powered sump pump.

Make Sure Your Lawn is Graded Properly

Your lawn should slope away from your home.  Your lawn should slope away from your home to prevent any water build up which could lead to water entering the home

Fill any Cracks in the Foundation

Every concrete floor will eventually crack overtime because of settling. However, this can also enable water to get into the foundation and then your home. If you notice any cracks, even if they’re not impacting the foundation, have them filled so water cannot seep into your basement.

Position Your Gutters Away from Your Home

If your rain spouts are not extended far enough away from your home or they’re not pointed in the right direction, it’s possible for water to pool near your home during heavy rainstorms.Extend your rain spouts and ensure they’re pointed in a direction that helps the water flow further away from your home.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Even if your rain spouts divert water properly, they’re not going to be useful if they are clogged and the water spills over the sides of the gutters instead of going down the rain spouts. At least twice a year, in the spring and the fall, make sure you thoroughly clean out the gutters to remove any debris.
If you have trees close to your home, it might be a good idea to clean out your gutters three or four times a year to help ensure they do not get too full from the leaves. You should test your gutters with a hose to ensure water can move freely through them and that it will be diverted away from your home. Make sure you fix any damage to the gutters as well so they’ll work properly.

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