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Areas Prone to Flooding | TMG Companies

No one likes to deal with flooding, and depending on where you live, you may have to deal with it more often than others. Learning where and why flooding occurs is very important. Being proactive can not only save your home but possible your life.

What Can Cause Flooding?

So obviously coastal areas experience storm flood. This is a result of low atmospheric pressure, high tides, and severe onshore winds. Storm Surges can be caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. Also waters from storm floods can rise up to seven meters in depth. The failures from dam and levees can also cause flooding. These structures are built on waterways and are likely to flood. If a flood occurs that is more powerful than it was expected then it can cause a dam to fail.  Flood waters can cause an intense energy from the burst and can be highly destructive.

There a many factors that cause an area to flood. While some of it is from weather like hurricanes and tropical storms, or more situational like a dam or levee failing, you can still experience flooding from something as common as intense rain fall. Because of this every part of the US is susceptible to flooding at some point. It doesn’t matter if you are by the coast, in a landlocked state, in the mountains, or even the desert you can still experience flooding. However, there are certain areas of the country have a greater flood risk than others. A FEMA flood map (found on the FEMA website) best illustrates the high-risk areas.

Here are four areas that are prone to flooding:

1. Urban Areas

Urban areas are built with more pavement than rural areas, and because of this, they are more prone to flooding. Metro areas, like Chicago, Atlanta, and Detroit, have a higher concentration of flood events in comparison to their rural surroundings. Even cities like Dallas and Fort Worth have a large number of flood reports. Unfortunately urban areas lack the natural drainage systems that is necessary to sustain flash floods without being overwhelmed. Surface conditions also have an affect on the impact of flash floods. Urban areas have high amounts of impervious surfaces, such as concrete and tarmac. These kinds of surfaces tend to increase the rate of runoff into water systems.

2. Northeast and Midwest

The geographic areas stretching from the Northeast to the Midwest have also reported a large number of floods. One thing that is common is springtime river flooding. Flooding is common in these regions because of the combination of snowmelt and rainfall.

To the East are the Appalachians. This hilly terrain plays a large role in the likelihood of flooding happening in this vicinity. In the Midwest the summers are fraught with flash flooding due to large thunderstorm clusters, this is known as the Mesoscale Convective Systems. This is when there is a dump of heavy rain in a region.

3. Desert Southwest

Even though the Desert Southwest is known for its dry conditions, it is also prone to flooding. One of the reasons it floods in this area is because of its large geographic footprint. This area spans across thousands of square miles and subject to frequent flash floods in the summer. Rainfall will fill the rivers, creeks, and streams and produce high water.

4. Coastal Areas

Storms that happen along the coast can send water inland, and lead to massive flooding. Also high tides and onshore winds from storms, atmospheric pressure gradients or rainfall can unleash intimidating levels of floodwaters.

High Risk/ Low Risk

As we have mentioned before, every area in the US has the potential to flood. The difference maker in how to handle or prepare for flooding depends

on if a specific area has a high risk, low risk or moderate risk for flooding. Communities are typically labeled with flood zones. These labels indicate if that area is likely to flood.

FEMA provides flood maps that are based on addresses. The FEMA flood map is important in determining an area’s risk for flooding. This is something you should look into, especially if you live in one of the 4 common areas. This can help cut down any future flooding surprises. If you are moving you may want to look and see if the area you are trying to move to is in a high risk. This flood map can be beneficial in so many ways.

High-risk properties may experience flooding only once in a 30-year mortgage, but keep in mind that flooding can occur as a result of nature as well as manmade causes. Poor drainage systems, neighborhood construction and broken water mains can lead to flooding.

Flood Restoration

Flood damage, no matter what the cause, is costly to repair. Just one inch of floodwater can cost $25,000 in damages. Water can easily seep into porous materials, like drywall, furnishings, flooring, insulation, and wood, and do significant damage. A water-logged property is unsafe to inhabit— that is until it undergoes flood restoration.

A reputable, local water damage restoration company, like TMG, who is equipped with a team of experienced technicians who have the proper skills and professional-grade machinery to handle your flood restoration. We can return your water damaged home or business back to its pre-loss condition.

At TMG our certified crews will extract all of the excess moisture from the property, fix the water source and completely dry the premises. We will also restore water damaged items. If necessary, they can sanitize and deodorize the property to eliminate waterborne bacteria and noxious odors. This will make sure that the mold growth is eliminated.

Water damage can spread rapidly. This is why you need a reliable restoration service, like TMG, to conduct a thorough water damage restoration. Our professional water damage restoration services are comprehensive, so all your restoration needs will be met.

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