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Carpets are on of the most expensive investments that you put into your home. Whether you are covering your entire flooring or adding accent rugs over hardwood it can be an expensive investment that can add to your home. Keeping them in good shape so they last over time is everyones goal.  So it is no wonder that seeing our very expensive carpet get wet and soaked from flooding can send us into shock.
Having your carpet rescued from water damage is doable. So before you allow yourself to get all frantic over wet carpet, here is what you should know. Yes, the cost of the carpet’s rescue operation will be a hefty price, but it can be worth it if the carpet comes out of the other end with little to no damage.


While not all carpets will make it out alive from flood waters there is still a chance some will be able to be rescued. The possibility of saving your wet carpet is dependent on three factors:

  1. The rescuing of your carpet is very dependent on the type of water that has flooded your carpet. For example if clean water from a damaged pipe or rainwater that miraculously is free from contaminants is the culprit that soaked your carpet, then your carpet is very lucky. You now have a decent chance of restoration. Professionals should be able to properly sanitize and remediate the padding and the carpet.
  2. On the other-hand, if your carpet soaked up grey water, then you are in a tricky situation. Grey water is contaminated water and can cause skin allergies and diseases. This type of soaking has some victories and some losses. A win is that you may be able to salvage your carpet, and the loss is that you will for sure have to replace its padding. You will need to consider an immediate repair within 24 to 48 hours of the carpet soaking from grey water. It is very important to have this treated as soon as possible as it can be a health risk.
  3. Finally this is the worst situation for your carpet, Blackwater. If your carpet is soaked by blackwater, then things are looking pretty grim for you. Blackwater contains harmful agents and pathogens, and is the most evident contaminant. It typically contains all sorts of waste and dirt from toilets. Other prime contaminants include Seawater, sewage back flows, streams, stormwater, hurricane waters, and other weather-related elements. If your carpet has absorbed this kind of water, then rescuing it is nearly impossible. This includes the padding and carpet.

So if it isn’t obvious, the level of cleaning and repair on your carpet is dependent on the type of water that has soaked your carpet. So the crux is that the kind and level of water damage determines whether or not you can rescue your wet carpet. Regardless of what water type has damaged your carpet, we recommend contacting a professional carpet cleaning and restoration company like TMG Companies. Experts like us would be better able to inspect the current state and let you know what is repairable and what isnt. We are also highly trained to deal with the water types. You don’t want to risk getting sick by the water that has flooded your carpet.
One important detail to consider is that carpets tend tp have the best chance of rescue when the damage is reported as fast as possible. If you wait longer than forty-eight hours after your carpet has been soiled, then there is a smaller chance of survival You will want to act fast in order to have the best chance possible for repair.

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