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Clean Carpets and Real Estate

Clean Carpets and Real Estate

If you’ve made the decision to sell your home, there are some things you need for the sale to go smoothly. Your first priority is to contact an experienced Real Estate Agent in CT. The next step is to make sure you understand your local market. After that, it’s time for your agent to start marketing your house and attract buyers and showings.

As you can imagine buyers are attracted to clean, well-maintained homes. While you might not want to invest a lot of money on a home you’re going to be moving out of soon, making a small investment in its appearance could help you sell the home faster and a higher sale price. One easy to make your homes appearance look more attractive to prospective buyers is to have its carpets professionally cleaned.

Having your Carpets Professionally Cleaned can Speed Up the Sale Process

When potential buyers tour your home, they picture themselves living in it. Create an environment they want to live in because you only have one chance to make a first impression. If your carpets are stained or smelly it will turn potential buyers away immediately.

What a Professional Carpet Cleaner Does

There are a few different methods professionals use to clean carpets. One is dry cleaning carpets, which is the application of chemical solvents that break down stains in carpets without getting them wet. Another is steam cleaning, which is the use of use of hot water and detergent sprayed deep into your carpet, then removed with a wet vac. Both methods are useful for removing the set-in stains and discoloration that regular vacuuming cannot.

Cleaning your Carpets After you Move In

Having your new home’s carpets professionally cleaned can give you the peace of mind that you’re living in a clean, sterile, fresh environment. There’s no better way to a fresh start then to rid yourself of previous dirt and germs.

When You’re Selling your Home, Make it as Attractive as Possible

Your real estate agent’s job is to help you sell your home as quickly and easily as possible and to get you as much money possible. In this role, he or she may suggest that you make some small enhancements to your home, including having its carpets professionally cleaned. Remember that your real estate agent experienced in selling houses and it’s in his or her best interest to get yours sold for the highest price possible.

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