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The refrigerator is one of your house’s most used and abused appliances. It is constantly being open and closed. During holidays, it is packed. Sometimes, even on regular days, the fridge is always full. But be honest,  how bad are you at neglecting my fridge. Most homeowners hardly do the proper care to maintain this helpful appliance. So before you fill your fridge up with all the holiday fixings here are some tips to properly care and clean your fridge.

  1. Gather the tools for the task before you start cleaning. You will need the following; trash bag, recycle bin, dry microfiber cleaning cloth, dish soap, baking soda, warm water, sponge, cooler (if deep cleaning), and small toothbrush for the hard-to-reach crevices (bleach or vinegar optional) and vacuum with a brush. I love using the vacuum to capture the small food debris in hard-to-reach corners.
  2. First, you have to unplug the refrigerator. Use the vacuum brush to clean the coils, drip pan, and the panel in front of the refrigerator. Next, empty the fridge. The frozen food should go to the cooler. While removing the food, check for expiration. Discard the old and expired. Use the recycle bin for the expired condiment and the garbage bag for the non-recyclable items.
  3. Once the fridge is empty, remove the shelves. Use warm water and dish soap to clean the refrigerator. Submerge the sponge in the solution and wipe the inside of the fridge from top to bottom. Wash the removable shelves using the water and soap solution from the sink. Loosen any hardened food stain using the sponge or the small brush. Rinse with fresh warm water using the sponge. Dry the refrigerator using a microfiber cleaning cloth. Replace the old baking soda with a new, freshly open box.
  4. To finish up, clean the top of the refrigerator and the front. Pay extra attention to the door handle. Use a damp, wet microfiber cleaning cloth to remove the dirt. Plug the refrigerator and return the food. Now you have a happy refrigerator.

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