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Before COVID-19, facilities and businesses focused their routine cleaning on the 2 things: beautification and maintenance of their facility. There was also a tendency to leave the disinfection of surfaces to bathrooms or medical level sites. The cleanliness and safety of a space use to be judged by its appearance. If a space looked clean and "germ-free" then that is all that mattered. It was a very surface level type of clean. However in todays world, it is critical to convey to the public and employees that your business is presentable and pathogen-free so it is safe to work in and to frequent. Gone are the days of a space just looking tidy. Nowadays it is critical for everybody to know the importance of product and application in the age of the “superbug” to constantly support both a visibly and microscopic level of cleanliness.  As we have grown to learn, a clean surface does not necessarily mean that it is germ-free surface. While using soap or cleansers can easily remove any visible dirt, they still fall short. Unfortunately they tend to leave behind a surface with remaining contaminants and pathogens that be potentially harmful to human health. Basic cleaning products are now needing to be replaced by heavier cleaning supplies that give a more thorough clean and are disinfecting the surfaces they are used on. 

Disinfecting is the process by which bacteria is killed or reduced by 99.999% in order to make a surface touch-safe. Areas that typically require disinfecting are surfaces that have multiple people touching or are surfaces that come into contact with food. In order for a surface/ space to be effectively disinfected; dust, debris, and other contaminants on the surface need be cleared as disinfection is a two step process.  As stated by the CDC, the process is “C before D" or cleaning before disinfection. They means you need to clean the area first and then disinfect it. Disinfecting is now a crucial process for ALL facilities that host office personnel and/or public visitors. In the past the cleaning process typically stopped at cleaning and not always made it to the disinfection process. Often times disinfecting as limited to certain surfaces or areas, and this cleaning technique wasn't always applied to all surfaces.

In order to eliminate the spread of infections such as Covid-19, most states have mandated the use of disinfections in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to the safety of you, co-workers, and/or clients, disinfecting is the most powerful and safest method to keep the public safe.

It is recommended to engage in everyday cleaning in order to keep up with disinfecting surfaces. This is especially important in high traffic areas. Even if offices and businesses are reducing the number of people in an area, you still want to focus on high traffic/ high touch areas. Engaging in everyday upkeep of areas is very important. You don't want to just rely on commercial cleaning services to take on all of the work.

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