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When it comes to the word commercial, we tend to think about this service being one step up from residential. For example, a commercial refrigerator can handle more than a residential, or a commercial range can cook better than a residential model. This kind of logic leads many to question whether it can be applied to cleaning your home. Like you are wanting the best cleaning service for your home, then you should consider a commercial cleaning company. Is this accurate or should you stick to a residential cleaning service? To simply put it, no this is not accurate because cleaning is not like equipment. While there is different in quality when it comes to commercial and residential equipment, the words have a different meaning when it comes to services. If you are a residential home owner looking for a cleaning service then you will want to stick with a residential cleaning service.

The Difference Between the Two:

Just like commercial equipment, a commercial cleaning service is something you are more likely to encounter within a business. They handle things like commercial waste clean up, hazardous clean up, and heavy cleaning of all things that are defined as commercial cleaning. This has lead some to think that if you hire them for your home, then you will have a cleaner home. However, the truth is that a commercial cleaning company doesn't clean better than a residential cleaning company, they just clean different things. A commercial property and a home have vastly different things to clean and can require a different skill set to clean properly. So if you are someone who needs a residential service then you should stick to one instead of thinking that a commercial one means a deeper, or better clean.

When it comes to cleaning, the word commercial literally means industrial cleaning and all that it entails. This might be cleaning machinery, blank spaces, chemicals and other industrial solvents. Also commercial cleaning services tend to deal with a different type of condition and clientele. A commercial cleaning service will be cleaning different types of work spaces, especially areas that you don't encounter in your home. These commercial cleaners are trained to specifically clean these commercial spaces.

A residential cleaning service specializes in areas found  around your home. This includes things like cleaning floors, furniture, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. A commercial cleaning service cleans spaces like as offices, cubicles, buildings, or retail stores. Some might see the few similarities between a commercial space and a residential space and think the cross over cleaning can still be done. However, it should be noted that there is a big difference in the way a retail store is cleaned and how your home is cleaned. A residential cleaning service is going to be much more detail oriented and thorough. They tend to specialize in the types of mess you would find in a home, they are better suited to clean your home.

Commercial cleaning companies also focus on special events such as a fire or flood clean up. They are more equipped to have the industrial equipment needed to clean things that have succumb to severe water, or other types of damage. They are also the company that you call for construction clean ups, or after building or renovations are done, because they know how to clean to make sure the home is safe for the right quality of air and other occupancy related needs.

Luckily at TMG Companies we specialize in both commercial and residential cleaning. Hiring us for your home or commercial space will ensure that your space is properly cleaned. You just want to make sure you are hiring us for the proper job. If you need your office properly cleaned then look into our commercial services. If your home is in need of a detailed cleaning then consider our residential services.

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