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Common Sources For Mold Problems

Common Sources For Mold Problems

Mold is able to be found just about anywhere that there’s water and oxygen. While oxygen is all over the place inside and outside of the house, so where does the water come in? Well water can be found anywhere, especially if that area is prone to flooding. Now there are  some areas that are more prone to mold than others.


If your roof is leaking, you’re going to get water in your attic. If the moisture stays, mold is going to start growing. Look for wet spots around the attic to see where there might be mold growth.


A wet roof can lead to moss, which could then lead to mold if left unattended. Your roof is there to protect the rest of your house, but any growth on the roof from moss or algae can allow mold to grow and get inside the home.


Pipes can and most likely will eventually leak. These leaks can occur throughout the house, including within walls or ceilings. If pipes are hidden, the best way to find a leak and potential mold growth is by looking for water spots.

Crawl space

Moisture can build up in confined spaces, especially if the space is in close proximity to a moisture-bearing source, such as dirt or soil. You might not think about it or visit this area of the house much, but your crawl space is often the perfect place for mold to grow.


A leaky basement could be problematic for both sellers and buyers because of both water damage and mold. Similar to a crawl space, your basement can also allow moisture to build up and be an area where mold can grow. In addition, basements could have flooding issues and leaky pipes, which also increase the risk of mold.


The bathroom is typically a small, enclosed space where you have plenty of moisture. Hot showers fill the entire room with water and sometimes the moisture never leaves. Bathroom fans can help with removing moisture, but they’re not always 100% effective.

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