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While janitorial staff help keep school clean there is only so much time they can spend at schools. Janitors do make the most of their allotted time to clean

and sanitize every classroom, but that does not mean that the classroom is fully protected from the spread of germs. Our expert cleaning staff have provided some methods for teachers to employ in order to further protect themselves and students and create a cleaner and healthier classroom.

Disinfect: Hand sanitizers are best and easiest way to ensure that germs are not being transferred from an object to your body. It is important to wipe all of the classroom’s high-touch areas like desktops, dispensers, handles, and doorknobs at frequently. Depending on the amount of times things are being touched it can be down at the end of the day or in-between classes/periods if students switch classrooms. While the school’s cleaning crew disinfects the rooms at night, there are still dozens of people touching these surfaces every hour. Their hard work is quickly undone at the start of each day. When you are disinfecting these surfaces, you should use a sanitizing spray and microfiber cloth for best results.

Environment: It is crucial to reduce the amount of objects in the classroom that could foster and spread germs and allergens. This will also help improve the room’s air quality. While they are stylish and help keep a room feeling warm and welcoming, items like cushioned chairs and rugs are magnets for dust and other toxins and they will then disperse the toxins into the air. If there are certain supplies that are commonly used and shared by different students, like markers, crayons, pens, pencils, rulers, or scissors, consider having the students bring their own supplies in order to reduce their exposure to other children’s germs.

Clutter: No one likes a cluttered classroom but it can be inevitable. Not only is clutter an eye sore but is also provides more surfaces for dust to collect on. Clutter also makes it harder for janitors to effectively clean an area. Removing unnecessary items will make it easier to organize your paperwork and drawers and will provide students with more workspaces.

Teamwork: It can seem overwhelming thinking about all the things and surfaces that need to be cleaned on a daily basis. But you do not have to take this task on alone and can easily get participation from the students. If you are hesitant on this idea, there are multiple benefits to having students get involved in the cleaning duties. The first one is obvious, as it will help you complete the tasks faster. More hands helping can definitely aid in getting the job done quicker. Second, it can also help them develop teamwork skills. You students will learn how to work together as a group to accomplish a goal and how working as a group can make a project go by faster. Lastly your students may learn some cleaning skills and how to properly clean and sanitize surfaces. When you have your class work together it can reduce the time spent cleaning, and you can start to make these cleanings a daily or weekly routine.

You should also be sure to have a ready supply of tissues, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes to keep your room prepared for any outbreaks. With these strategies and our regular janitorial services, your school will be cleaner and healthier classroom than it ever has been before.

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