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Do You Need A New Janitorial Service

If you or your company is using a janitorial service for your commercial cleaning needs, you definitely understand the value of outsourcing. However, you might not be getting what you you are paying for. If your current janitorial cleaning company is not taking care of your needs and not meeting your expectations, you need to call the janitorial cleaning professionals at TMG Companies. We always go above and beyond to make sure you and your company is 100% satisfied with our services.
Here are some reasons to consider changing janitorial service provider:

  1. Communication – Or lack thereof! If your janitorial company is hard to get ahold of, not getting back to you quickly, or doesn’t follow up – it’s time to move on. A good janitorial service will follow-up, check-in, and check to make sure your expectations are being met. Don’t settle for a company that keeps avoiding you.
  2. Unclear Prices And Expectations – Unclear expectations or pricing is not an effective way to run a business. A company that dances around pricing or the services that provide cannot be trusted to do an good job. Find someone that will be completely transparent.
  3. Inconsistency In Service – When your janitorial cleaning company starts forgetting to take out the trash or frequently forgets tasks that should be done regularly, it’s time to consider your options. Professional janitorial companies that are organized and prepared to make sure they provide excellent service. Not doing tasks is a sure sign of laziness and you should not have to pay for that quality of service.
  4. Equipment And Cleaning Methods – Any janitorial service that wants to stay in business is going to put money back into their company to make sure they are providing the best service to their clients. If your janitorial company is using outdated and broken equipment or is not participating in consistent training to learn the newest and best cleaning methods, they are not going to provide the type of service that you want to pay for. Make sure your janitorial company is taking care of you the best way by investing in themselves.
  5. Risks And Liability – If your current cleaning company is taking risks that could be hazardous, stop using them immediately. You want to make sure that the company that you use is trained and certified.

If you live in Connecticut & Rhode Island, contact TMG Cleaning LLC to find out what a high-quality commercial janitorial cleaning company can do for you, how we operate on a professionally, and what we do to provide a superior customer experience to our clients.

So the next time you are searching janitorial service near me choose TMG Companies. We are a full service residential cleaning company and commercial cleaning company equipped to keep your home or business in top shape for years to come. Our hundreds of happy clients can testify to the quality of our work, the efficiency of our professionals, and the beautiful clean that they experience. If you’re ready to see how a professional can upgrade your home or commercial building and keep your space sparkling, contact TMG Companies today and schedule a professional cleaning for your home or office or fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you!

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