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Dust can be found everywhere and it gets all over. No surface is safe from being covered in dust. It can be found on flat surfaces in high places like on a ceiling fan, light fixtures, moldings, and door frames. Dust will also collect on the lowest levels of a room like under a bed or furniture.

Dusting regularly and properly is important, and but it is also important to avoid making dusting mistakes. You want to minimize the amount of dust in your home and become more efficient at dusting in general.

5 Common Dusting Blunders:

Failing to Clean Your Ducts and Replace Your Air Filters

Air ducts are a significant source for dust. This is particularly true if you have had any home renovation work done to your home. Anything that is moving air around your home is also moving dust around. So, if you can remove the dust from the air then you are reducing the amount of dust that is in the air. You will want to consider your heating, air-conditioning, bathroom and kitchen vents.

Cleaning you air ducts and replacing the air filters is the biggest way to reduce dust in your home. This is like the ultimate form of dusting.

Hire a professional to vacuum your air vents out, where they remove any residual dust in your home.

Forget to Change Filter and Bag of your Vacuum:

Did your vacuum clean moves air around you home? All vacuums push around large quantities of air. This air is also pushing around a large quantity of dust. You might be aware that the best way to dust is from a high levels to lower levels in a room . If it isn’t obvious, the lowest level of a room is the floor and your vacuum has the sole purpose of keeping this surface clean. As you vacuum, you are picking up any and all dust that has have fallen from higher levels.

However, if your vacuum bag is full or the filters are not functioning properly, then the dust on the floor is just being pushed around the room. This can even lead all the way up to the ceiling where it will then settle on the high surfaces you just dusted.

You don’t want to undo all the dusting you have done by vacuuming with a full bag and a dirty air filter. Whenever your vacuum bag is half full then it is time to replace it in order to make sure that it is working efficiently and effectively. You need to regularly inspect filters and wash or replace them as necessary.

Not Using a Microfiber Duster

When you use a high-quality microfiber duster it will grip the dust and remove it from the surface. Using a microfiber cloth will greatly increase your dusting efficiency.

Make sure to avoid using a feather duster. Using this type of dusting tool is very ineffective. It really only pushes the dust around to some other place and doesn’t actually collect the dust from the surface.

Avoid Dry Dusting

It is easy for small particles to become airborne. Unfortunately the smaller the dust particle the longer it will take to settle down on a surface. You should spray your microfiber dust cloth with some water, a dusting spray, or polish for best results.

While using water works fine,  you can easily enhance things more by creating your own dusting spray.
Here are the ingredients for a homemade dustin spray:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar (cuts through grease and grime & disinfectants)
  • 2 tsp olive oil (shines and protects wood)
  • 10-15 drops of Lemon essential oil (makes your home smell naturally fresh and clean! or substitute your favorite essential oil.
  • Spray bottle

It should be noted that since oil, vinegar and water are in this mix, you will need to shake the spray bottle well before each use.

Dusting Without A Proper Method

You want to start at the top of the room and end at the bottom with vacuuming the floor. Using this top to bottom dusting approach will be the most effective method.

If you follow these tips and avoid making any dusting blunders then your home will not need to be dusted as often. It will also smell and feel cleaner. If you are in need of some extra help then give us a call at TMG Companies LLC.

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