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Dust or Vacuum – Which Goes First?

Dust or Vacuum First? | TMG Companies

Even when you are using the best duster, a few particles of dust are going to escape as you work. The dust that flies into the air will eventually settle at a lower point. Usually, that’s the floor. That offers you a second chance to remove it from the room when you vacuum. Dusting first is particularly important if it has been some time since you dusted. The duster will become filled with particles and large clumps of dust will drop to the floor.

The Best Cleaning Order for Any Room

Remove the Clutter

It is nearly impossible to dust or vacuum effectively or efficiently if you are having to dodge around stacks of paper, toys, piles of laundry, or too many knick-knacks. Start at one side of the room and work your way around gathering items that are out of place. Keep a trash bag handy for items that need to be tossed and a basket or box for things that belong in another room.

Start at the Top

By working from the top of the room, you can slowly bring down the dust and cobwebs. Start with dusting hard-to-reach ceiling fans, light fixtures, corners, and the tops of tall furniture. Move down to mantles, tabletops, windowsills, baseboards, and furniture legs. You may need to do more than just dust; some surfaces will need to be cleaned more thoroughly with an appropriate cleaner. Continue to work down the room wiping and dusting every surface until you reach the floor.

To capture the most dust:

  • Use the vacuum’s soft upholstery brush attachment and hose to vacuum the ceiling and then the walls—then use it on your upholstered furniture.
  • Use an electrostatic duster or slightly dampened microfiber cloth to clean surfaces.
  • If you can, wait at least 15 minutes after dusting before vacuuming the room. This gives the dust particles in the air time to settle on the floor.

Vacuum the Floor

Now that all the dust has settled on the floor, it’s time to vacuum. To get the best results when you vacuum, be sure all of the clutter is off the floor. Move as much of the furniture as you can away from the walls, so you can reach the corners and the floor underneath.

Depending on the type of flooring, adjust the vacuum settings. When vacuuming a carpet, make sure the beater bar or roller brush is making contact with the surface of the fibers.

Start along one side of the room. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, use the crevice tool to clean between the carpet and the baseboards. Work in a grid pattern using long, smooth strokes down the path of the wall. Overlap the passes slightly and continue to the opposite wall. Now, do a 90-degree turn and repeat the process. Vacuuming the area twice will capture the most soil.

Tips to Reduce Dust in Your Home

  • Keep windows and doors closed.
  • Change HVAC air filters frequently.
  • Change bedding and wash it at least weekly.
  • Remove clutter and dust trappers like faux plants, fuzzy throws, and shag carpets.
  • Add an air purifier.
  • Bathe pets frequently.

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