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Fall Commercial Cleaning Tips

Thoroughly cleaning your office can eliminate germs, helps you prevent sick employees, boost productivity, and create a clean slate for the coming winter. Use these tips to get your office ready for a productive winter.

Focus on the Floors

Throughout the year your office building’s floors will take a great deal of wear and tear. Deep cleaning the floors means bringing them back to life with the top equipment and cleaners. Your floors can look new, shiny and clean again! It's a good habit to have your hardwood floors cleaned at least once a year and back to school time is an easy way to remember or putting a reminder in your smartphone.

Deep Clean the Carpets

A Lot of people are entering your office or building on a regular basis. If you have carpets that means these carpets see their fair share of dust, dirt, dead skin, bacteria etc. The fall  is an excellent season for commercial carpet cleaning. Deep cleaning the carpets can clear out all of the stuff that your carpets are home too such as dust, pollen, mold and other allergens for better indoor air quality.

Wash the Windows

Most offices and office buildings have a commercial window cleaning company who comes in once a month or quarter and cleans the outside of the windows. Having your regular cleaning company clean the inside of the windows on a regular basis is just as important for your employees health to remove dust and allergens. Enjoying sparkling clean windows over the fall months can boost employee morale by making it easier to enjoy the New England fall foliage.

TMG Companies

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