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Fire Damage Restoration Process | TMG Companies

Fire Damage Restoration Process | TMG Companies

Here’s a step-by-step look at what fire restoration professionals do to make your home safe and secure after a fire.

Step 1: Assessment: This is key for your budget as well as the restoration professional’s planning. Fire damage restoration professionals will look at the extent that fire, smoke, and soot has damaged different components of the home to see how much work is required and provide you with an estimate.

Step 2: Containment: Once you’ve agreed to the price and the proper fire damage restoration begins, the top priority is making sure that the damage and after-effects don’t go any further. For larger fires, this will generally begin with taking care of any holes in the roof or leaks that stem from the fire. For smaller fires, this may mean isolating a room to minimize the spread of soot.

Step 3: Cleaning: When the work of isolating the work area starts, fire restoration professionals will begin by painstakingly removing all the indicators of smoke damage, as well as soot and ash. In some cases, if certain areas are too damaged, the work of cleaning may also include disposing of certain items. Other parts of this process include clearing out any leftover standing water from putting the fire out, as well as cleaning carpets in the affected and adjacent rooms to remove the smoke smell.

Step 4: Restoration: With the fire damage removed, the next step is replacing some of the areas/furniture that was damaged by the fire. This will also often include a consultation to share what you can do to avoid a similar situation happening in the future.

Along with this work, there are also a few steps that you can take as a homeowner to stage your home for fire damage restoration before the professionals arrive. This includes opening the windows and using any fans you have to force out dust and contaminated air before the professionals do it using their industrial tools. Beyond this, though, you don’t want to do too much else. For example, it’s important to wash any bedding, clothing, or items exposed to smoke, but this might be better left to professionals to avoid damaging your machine.

In addition, cleaning is something that is best left to professionals, as to do so, you need to keep yourself safe by wearing protective equipment and trying to avoid skin-to-skin contact with areas that have been contaminated by ash and soot. Most households don’t have the gear needed. In addition, basic home vacuums are a poor choice to try and clear out soot. These can blow small particles into the air where they can get inhaled.

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