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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration 101 | TMG Companies

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration 101 | TMG Companies

Fire can be terrifying; there is no doubt about it. And fire damage falls into the ‘worst kind’ of property damage category. This is because it involves damage from the flames, smoke, and the water used to put out the fire.
Prevention is, of course, essential. This means well-maintained fire detectors and charged batteries. Create a routine for yourself whereby you check the fire detector system and batteries regularly. You won’t regret the extra effort put in.
Unfortunately, fires still happen even in the safest and most well-prepared properties. So ensure that you have an escape plan set out for your family or employees.
You will need a plan for every room in the house or office, and your family and staff should be able to respond immediately regardless of where they are in the building.
Let’s take a look at some important facts about fire and smoke damage restoration.


Fire restoration companies are run by professionals who deal in restoring a property to its previously undamaged state. They are experts who deal with hundreds of homes or business facilities damaged by fire. They are ready, willing, and able to react as soon as you give them a call. Usually working 24/7 all year round, they can help you get your home or commercial building back to normal.
Firstly, they will visit your property and inspect the damage in order to create an estimate and scope of work for the repairs and restoration needed.
They will also share a detailed assessment and explanation of the repair process, so you understand how it will all be done.
Fire restoration companies can coordinate with insurance companies and liaise with you over any insurance issues.
Of course, some things can’t be repaired or aren’t worth the effort and the cost. A reputable fire damage restoration company will make this clear to you and your insurance adjuster.


The first course of action for fire restoration services is to ensure the property’s foundation and structure are both secure, and perform any emergency repairs to prevent secondary damage. Cleaning up after a fire is almost impossible without professional help.
TMG will then remove any standing water, via extraction methods, and eliminate moisture in the affected areas by utilizing dehumidification processes. Then the smoke and soot will need to be handled.
Smoke from a fire contains a dangerous mixture of chemicals and toxins that can be harmful to your health, as well as your property.
And smoke damage cleanup is complicated. Inhaling smoke can be damaging to your lungs, and smoke will not only leave a dreadful odor, it can cause discoloration and corrosion of materials that will be extremely difficult to remedy.
The extent of the smoke damage is often due to the smoke’s origin, be it wet, dry, protein and/or fuel or oil.

  • As a result of low heat, wet smoke is exceedingly difficult to clean.
  • A fire at high temperatures will result from a fast-burning fire.
  • Invisible, protein smoke will cause the most discoloration to varnishes and has a nasty odor.
  • As a result of a furnace malfunction, fuel-oil smoke will create soot.


Once you know it is safe to enter your property:

  • Remove as many things as possible that do not appear to be damaged by flames or water.
  • Open all the windows and doors, and turn on all fans. This will help to vent the smoke and start to dry some of your surfaces.
  • Take out all your clothing and take them to a dry cleaner or laundromat.
  • Wipe all surfaces and counters where you see soot.

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