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Is Your Home Ready For The Holiday Season | TMG Companies

Is Your Home Ready For The Holiday Season | TMG Companies

Pre-holiday cleaning is very similar to Spring cleaning, but with the extra task of cleaning for the back to back holidays. It would help to keep these holidays in mind when you decide to clean and de-clutter.

Fall cleaning is usually done around October to November when the leaves start to fall. It’s when the crunchy leaves, some rain, and pumpkins become part of the daily scene—the time of year when you like to stay home with the family in front of the fireplace. So this is the time to deep clean the house, specifically the pantry, fridge, and patio.

Cleaning the pantry

Why clean the pantry? The holiday season is fast approaching; you will shop for food for the festivities. That includes new can goods and other pantry staples. Before you shop, clean up the pantry. Remove the clutter, check the dates on the can goods, and throw away the old spices. Once you get rid of the unwanted goods, use the vacuum. Pay attention to the corners and use the vacuum to remove the dust and food debris. Mop the floors. Organize the pantry.

Cleaning the fridge

Like the pantry, you must check for expired foods, from ketchup to old forgotten leftovers. You must make space for the holiday foods. Remove everything out of the fridge and clean the shelves one at a time. Use the sink to wash the removable shelves from top to bottom. Use a combination of water and a few drops of dish soap as a cleaning solution. Wipe clean the inside of the fridge. Let air dry to lessen the odor.

Cleaning the patio

The weather will be more relaxed, an easier time to clean the outdoor part of the house. Start from the very top. Use a broom with a long handle to remove the dust and summer pollen. If you are comfortable with a vacuum, use it. It is more efficient. Clean the patio furniture by wiping it one by one. Pay attention to the fabric part of the furniture. Look for stains and treat them. Read the label. See if the covers are removable and washable. Vacuum and mop the floors.

Clean the Whole House

The task requires more time and energy.  As always, set a date, make a list, and gather your tools. The holidays can be stressful planning and executing the task ahead should lessen the stress. To clean the house, start with the kitchen, top to bottom. Follow by the family room, same process top to bottom. Next are the bathrooms. Give yourself the time to breathe by deep cleaning the bathroom only one per day. You have plenty of time to clean the bathrooms toilets’ holidays arrive thoroughly. Once deep cleaned, you can fresh-up the bathrooms once per week.

Last, cleaning the other parts of the house. These areas are easier to clean. Same process as cleaning the kitchen and the bathrooms. Clean one at a time. But again, before you start cleaning, de-clutter each room. Get rid of the things that no longer serve you. The more clutter-free the room, the easier it is to clean. Use the vacuum to help you clean faster and more efficiently. I always mention the vacuum because, as a professional house cleaner, I find the void, out of all the cleaning tools in the house, is the one cleaning gadget with plenty of uses.

Fall Cleaning is as important as Spring cleaning. It’s a chance to eliminate clutters to make way for the holidays. To give your home a refreshing new décor for the holidays without the clutters and the dirt.

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