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Anyone living in Connecticut whose house needs to be cleaned might have noticed some awful looking webs hanging around their house. Maybe it’s the first time, but it’s probably likely that you’ve seen cobwebs more than once when cleaning your home. In either case, you might be asking yourself: “How do I get rid of these darn cobwebs for good?”

You’d rather not see these webs in areas where your family spends most of its time. While, it’s not particularly difficult to get rid of cobwebs when you see them. Using a swiffer is easy but , preventing them takes a little more effort.
What is a “Cobweb?”
The first step to preventing a cobweb is understanding where it comes from. Cobwebs are old, vacant spiderwebs that the spider has left in search of more food. Using a vacuum or duster to get rid of these old webs fixes your  problem for the short term, but it doesn’t get rid of the spider that made it and the spider ends up just moving to different part of your home.
Dealing with Spiders
Typically, spiders can be looked at as helpful creatures: They help control other pests that may be nearby, like cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, moths, and other small creatures. As helpful as spiders might be when it comes to keeping these other pests controlled, you aren’t comfortable with the idea of them living in your home.
The good news is that by taking the steps against some of these other pests, the number of spiders that make your home their home will decrease, leaving you with fewer cobwebs.
A Plan for Pest Control
There are many different ways to deal with pests, but the easiest way to keep pests out of your home or to a minimum  is to make sure you remove things they can eat and live in when cleaning your home.
While cleaning, focus on:
* Removing any crumbs in your kitchen
* Getting rid of cardboard boxes where pests make their home
* Reduce clutter
* Avoid dust build up by keeping to a regular vacuuming schedule.
Cleaning your house regularly will reduce the chances of pests making themselves at home. With fewer pests, there will be fewer spiders, and fewer spiders mean fewer cobwebs.
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