Employees and customers have always been focused on cleanliness and sanitation, but even more in the wake of Coronavirus. At times the average office building does not receive as thorough of a cleaning as it should.

Offices tend to be cleaned gradually, with areas receiving a quick “maintenance” cleaning but only when the area is clear of employees. While the dedicated custodial staff is responsible for cleaning after hours the rest of the day falls on office workers as well.

Many large offices will schedule a thorough annual cleaning but this usually only takes place when the holidays allow cleaning crews to be on-site multiple days at a time. In fact, most companies don’t have a sufficient cleaning schedule. The larger an office’s footprint, the more cleaning should take place. Likewise, as public perceptions around cleaning change, it is important that your building’s maintenance schedule changes with them.

How Often Should Your Office Be Cleaned?

A front to back cleaning of any office property should take place at-least twice a year. It should all be timed for maximum impact: For example, at the beginning of the year and again at the start of the third quarter. No matter when you schedule these cleaning you don’t wait longer than six months for a complete cleaning.

Now you shouldn’t just wait and rely on these major cleanings. In-between it’s vital to be sure all of the individual elements of your building are getting the proper care. Obviously there are some surfaces and facilities that are more likely to foster the transmission of bacteria than others. Likewise, some areas have a greater effect on the perception of your business.

With that in mind, be sure your cleaning crew is doing things the smart way:

1. Restrooms

It is a shock to no one that the restrooms should be cleaned every day. If your office has public-facing restrooms that see daily use then these need to be cleaned multiple times a day. On the other-hand low-volume employee-only restrooms are easier to keep clean, but only if everyone does their part. Sinks and toilets are the major concerns here, but the walls, counters, and mirrors should also be thoroughly cleaned.

2. Break Rooms and Kitchens

In these areas the countertops tend to be the biggest concern but you shouldn’t forget about the door handles, faucets, and appliances. Surfaces should be wiped down and disinfected daily, as should the interior of the microwave.

3. Reception and Other Customer-Facing Areas

In the past it was sufficient to clean lobbies once every few days, but customers are now taking a much more discerning tack now. Everyday all surfaces, especially high-contact areas, in these areas should be disinfected. No need to dust or vacuum everyday, those tasks can wait a few days. Also, be sure you are stocked up on any wipes or other items you are offering the public.

4. Employee Desks and Work Areas

Professional cleaners, like our team at TMG Companies, have the experience needed to scour and disinfect common high-touch items like computer keyboards, phone headsets, and mice without damaging them. Trash receptacles should be emptied daily. These areas can sometimes be challenging for cleaning teams to clean thoroughly due to the personal items and sensitive information in personal office spaces. This is also where the employees need to take action and keep up with their personal spaces.

5. Windows

While the windowsills can be dusted once a week, the windows should be checked daily to make sure they are clean and free of smudges. Fingerprints and smudges tend to stand out easily on most office windows. It is import to spot cleaning regularly. If your office or building has lots of larger windows, then you should consider using a professional window cleaning service. Windows facing trees or a busy street may need quarterly cleaning.

6. Floors

The carpets should be vacuumed nightly in order to prevent the build-up of dust and other respiratory irritants. This can also help to reduce indoor air quality and cause long-term problems for your employees. A full cleaning can be done weekly at the end of the work week, with a deep cleaning scheduled atleast twice a year.

Hardwood, laminate, tile, and linoleum floors are relatively easy to clean and disinfect. They should also be mopped weekly at the end of the work so they can dry fully over the weekend. It is highly recommended to perform a dust mopping on a daily basis, especially in high-traffic areas such as break rooms.

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