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How To Create An Allergy-Free Home | TMG Companies

How To Create An Allergy-Free Home | TMG Companies

Allergies may be known as a springtime affliction, but it seems as if we are never safe from pollen during the warmer months of the year. These allergens are caused by the pollinating of plants, trees and shrubs that moved in the air. While they create our plants and gardens they also create misery for some people. Keep reading to learn the best ways to combat and deal with pollen, pet dander and other household allergens.

1)      Invest in a HEPA filter
HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, go in your vacuum cleaner and are proven to trap 100% of pollen and 99.9% of all other allergens, as well as dust. Experts laud this tool as the best way to rid your home of particulate matter. In the meantime, if you don’t have a HEPA filter, try dusting before you vacuum, rather than as a separate measure or after; when you dust, you usually leave some material to drift to the ground, which a vacuum can then pick up.
2)      Brush your pets regularly
As the seasons change from winter to summer, your pet starts to lose its heavier winter coat to help cool down during the warmer months. This creates more pet hair to remove from your home, as well as dander, a trigger for many people’s seasonal or general allergies. To help avoid the spread of dander in your home, brush your pets one to two times a day with a fine-bristled brush to contain the loss of hair before it has a chance to infiltrate your home and air filters. Consider laying an old towel where your pets sleep, and make sure to lint roll it daily and wash it several times a week.
3)      Get those hard-to-reach places
Dust is not stationary, and if you miss it in the corners of rooms, between the wall and furniture, under your bed, under your stove and in other spots where you might not think to clean, it can easily drift down to infect your living space and cause your symptoms to flare back up. Swiffers and Wet-Jets can reach ceilings and hard-to-reach fixtures (don’t forget the tops of fan blades!) and vacuum extensions can take care of the floor beneath furniture.
4)      Avoid letting clutter accumulate
Clutter accumulates dust, dander and pollen with an excellent place to hide. Particulate matter will cling to any surface, and piles of boxes or clothing can become a hidden source of allergens in your home. Put away your things as often as possible instead of letting them sit out to reduce the total amount of available surface space for dust to settle on.
5)      Wear a mask when you clean
Whenever you are cleaning, don’t forget to wear a face mask to avoid accidentally inhaling the very materials you’re trying to avoid.

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