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How To Deal With The Aftermath Of A Fire

Dealing with a home fire can be a devastating, traumatic experience. Reading our article can help you deal with these situations more easily. Keep reading.

Contact Your Emergency Resources

The important thing to remember is that people have your back. Friends and family, your local firefighters, police, and disaster relief organizations are important resources that are ready to help. Friends and family provide emotional support. Firefighters let you know whether or not your home is safe to enter again. Police help protect your property while it is vacant. The Salvation Army and the American Red Cross, among others, help you find food, fresh clothes, and a place to stay. Finally, we are here to restore your home.

Repairing Damages

Call your landlord or mortgage lender and describe the fire to them. Health hazards related with fire damage are extensive requires extreme caution. Your home may have structural damage to walls and floors that jeopardize the structure of your home, pooling water that carries bacteria and disease, and mold—it is imperative you hire professional restoration services.


The smell and soot associated with smoke damage are easy to see, but the effects on your home and health are more complicated. Homes are built with many different products that react differently once exposed to fire. Reactions during the fire may leave behind hazardous chemical byproducts. Soot deposits can be extremely damaging to your lungs and can cause many forms of cancer.


Water can put out a fire but it can also wreak havoc on your home or building because of moisture. Fire and water restoration go hand in hand. Water can be a health hazard in a burned house because walls and floors are beginning to form the beginning stages of mold if not properly dealt with.

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