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How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage in your home is frustrating and destructive. You and your family are could be forced to leave and your belongings damaged or destroyed. Preventing or reducing the risk of water damage in your home is part of being a responsible homeowner. As water damage restoration professionals, we see the results of water damage everyday from appliance failures, mechanical mishaps, and sometimes even human error. While there are some things out of your control, there are things you can do to prevent water damage from happening. We’ve put together some tips for you.

Learn How to Turn off the Water

Every adult in the household should know how to turn off the main water valve in your home. Should water damage happen in your home, this is your first step towards minimizing the damage and stopping the flow of water.

Be Vigilant with Plumbing and Mechanical System Maintenance

Burst water heaters and broken pipes cause quick, amounts of water that can flood your home in a matter of minutes.

Arrange to have a bi-annual plumbing and HVAC maintenance service plan with your plumbing and hvac contractor. During this appointment, the heating and cooling systems of your home will be inspected and serviced.

Keep your Appliances Well Maintained

Water damage from leaking dishwasher, refrigerator lines, and washing machines can be either slow or sudden and dramatic. The amount of water generated from these appliances can flood your entire home rapidly and water travels downward affecting the floors beneath them. During everyday use, make it a habit to look around and check connections, water lines, and pipes. Be aware of unusual noises and follow up on leaks asap. See something? Call your plumbing contractor right away.

Away on Vacation

Picture water flowing from a broken pipe, failed appliance, or overflowed toilet. Now imagine that water continuing to flood your home for many days like at the end of the classic movie Home Alone.  Make it a habit to turn off the main water supply before leaving for vacation. You’ll be glad you did!
If your time away is during cold weather, be sure to leave the heat on low so you don’t have frozen pipes. Arrange for someone to check on your home regularly while you are away to make sure things are okay.

Is Your Sump Pump Working?

Water from heavy rains or snowmelt can flood your basement. Your basement sump pump’s job is to protect your basement and belongings from water coming into the home. Your sump pump is another mechanical system that is capable of malfunctioning and this is not typically covered by insurance without a sump pump failure rider on your policy. Check your sump pump’s operation annually to be certain it’s in good working order.

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