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Is Mold Living With You?

Mold and mildew is living all around us. They break down organic matter and release spores into the air.  These spores are following us around in our homes and our office areas and are typically not a problem until the surfaces become wet and mold and mildew begin to grow. While there are various types of mold they all have one thing in common they will not grow without moisture. Some molds are non toxic but can people in your home can still be sensitive to them and they can enhance breathing issues like asthma etc. While other molds like black mold are extremely toxic and need to be removed immediately.
Someone you may know or love may be living with mold in their living or work environment and have consistent headaches, watery eyes or breathing difficulties. If you think you may have mold in your home or office, the first thing you need to do is look into it. If you see or are certain that you smell mold, you need or you boss needs to contact a licensed, certified mold remediation company immediately, like TMG Companies. However, you need to be aware that just because you do not see it doesn’t mean it is not there. Black mold can be living and breathing in walls under floors etc.

Places you should check for mold are:

• Windows, roofs, and gutters

• Areas that might not be vented properly

• A place you may have had water damage before

• Check under carpets and padding

• Behind furniture if it’s against the wall

• Behind wallpaper or paneling

• Behind ceiling tiles

• Pipes where condensation occurs

• Around air conditioner

• Ductwork

Mold may appear fluffy and cotton-like, grainy, or leathery and can vary in color from black, white, gray, purple, brown, yellow, or green. Look for signs of excessive moisture or water damage such as standing water, and discoloration on the carpets, walls, ceilings, or woodwork. If you find an area with a noticeable mold odor or one that has experienced water damage you may have to tear up the rug or rip down the wall to find the root of the problem.  Call the experts at TMG Companies.

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