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Maintain Cleanliness In Your Shop

The first impression a customer has is a direct reflection of your brand. And nothing makes customers as happy as shopping in a clean shop. Having a clean shop sends a message that you do want your client’s business. It also shows that you take pride in your business. Besides, your shop’s hygiene and health standards will save you from penalization and raise your business and property value. But to clean correctly, you need a daily cleaning checklist.

A cleaning checklist that meets your cleaning needs has the following areas to consider:

  • Exits and entrances
  • Store area
  • Service or a checkout area
  • Restrooms
  • Stairways
  • Storerooms or backhouse
  • Back office
  • Breakroom
  • Kitchen or pantry

Clean high tough surfaces

You should also focus on areas in your shop that get the most traffic are the most important to clean and sanitize. Places people touch the most are more likely to pass germs from one person to the next. These areas include:

  • Handles and doorknobs
  • Counter surfaces
  • Toilets and sinks
  • Bathroom doors
  • Shopping carts and baskets
  • Credit card pin pad
  • POS machine

Clean soft surfaces

To ensure proper sanitization, you should also clean apparel, window drapes, towels, chairs, carpets, couches, and rugs once every shopper is done trying them. This can seem like a lot of work if you have traffic in your shop, but it is a preventative measure against the possible spread of disease and germs. Use water and soap or another disinfectant cleaner to clean large items in order to keep them clean and preserve their appearance.

Disinfect correctly

You should first clean your shop with water and soap before you disinfect. Water and soap reduce the amount of grime and dirt, making it much easier for the disinfectant to work. So, clean your shop with a lot of water and give it a couple of minutes before disinfecting.

The water will breakdown anything that was left behind after cleaning. Always assume there is a significant amount of grime lying all over your shop because there is – so clean exceptionally before you use the disinfectant. Also, follow all the directions indicated in the disinfectant label since some can be very toxic in concentrated solutions.

There are so many disinfectant solutions on the market so make sure you are selecting the right products.

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