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Prevent Mold At Work

Mold can grow anywhere that’s damp, humid, and moist. A perfect place for this to happen in your office building is the air vents of your hvac system. Once mold has started to grow it is very hard to kill. Good thing there are things you can do to prevent the growth of mold in your office!

Dangers of Mold

Breathing in mold can cause lung irritation and can cause permanent lung damage if exposed too over a period of time. Those with allergies could find their symptoms get worse with mold exposure. However, anyone can develop an allergic reaction to mold in the air. Some people report pneumonia-like symptoms after being exposed to mold as well.

Prevent Mold Growth

The most common causes of mold are leaking water and high humidity. The best way to stop these from situations from arising is to stop them from starting in the first place! Having your office regularly inspected for moisture and water damage is a great place to start.  If your office building is prone to leaking you need to address those areas immediately by making sure there is no standing water or wet walls and insulation. You may also want to talk to the building owner or property manager about hiring a commercial waterproof roofing contractor to looking into having expandothane installed on the roof.

If you or an employee discovers mold anywhere in the office, you may want to consult with a mold removal cleanup company to clean that area and replace anything that has been contaminated with mold. A properly maintained HVAC system can keep keep the area comfortable and prevents the growth of mold. You can also prevent condensation by having spray foam insulation installed in high moisture areas by a spray foam insulation contractor ct.

Take employees health seriously do not wait to take action against mold because it can spread quickly and cause health problems.

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