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We love how adorable, cuddly, and fun our pets can be but having pets in your home can quickly veer into stinky territory. Getting a new pet can be especially difficult to handle when it comes to pet odors. Going through the house training process always comes with a few odiferous accidents. So the big question is can professional carpet cleaning from TMG remove pet odor from your carpets?


You might be able to remove pet odors from your carpet. This is obviously doable with basic carpet cleaners, but those tend to only tackle the surface

of the flooring. In order to truly get rid of urine and other pet smells you have to go below the surface and reach the padding. In order to achieve this you will need to hire a professional cleaner in order to reach to the carpet padding.

If you do discover a pet stain, then you should treat it as soon as possible. Do not want to let it sit for long, if possible. Putting baking soda and vinegar on the spot is a good way to treat your carpet on the surface until a professional can come to help. Although this will only tackle the stain at the surface level, it will make your home smell a little cleaner. Now this solution is only temporary as it usually only gets rid of the worst of the pet odor and you should expect to smell the odors over time as the fibers are released over time. You will want to schedule a cleaning appointment as soon as possible.


When a TMG professional comes to clean your carpet they will not only look at the stains on the surface, but also conduct an evaluation of the carpeting and subfloor. 

So the big question has been why is professional carpet cleaning better? Well we will first treat the stain with a neutralizer that completely gets rid of

the odors on the surface level. Then we'll do a deep cleaning of the carpet. This will extract the contaminants and gets rid of the odor at its source.

If your carpet is particularly urine-stained, we may recommend that the padding underneath the carpet is completely removed and replaced. This happens when the urea crystals, the source of most odors, have penetrated deep into the padding and subflooring, and make it impossible to have the smell completely removed. Usually, this is reserved for the most severe cases.

At TMG we don’t want you to have to replace your carpet, so they’ll work with you to create the best plan possible for your individual space and situation. While dire cases may require you to replace the carpet completely, most professional cleaners can remove deep stains.

In order to keep your home odor free, clean, and healthy means you have to keep up with your carpet cleaning. TMG is happy to work with you to establish a carpet cleaning schedule—and we’ll stay on call for pet stain emergencies, too. Reach out to us today to schedule your first appointment.

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Don't worry if you happen to have the need for our carpet cleaning services and are searching for carpet cleaning near me choose TMG Companies. We are a full service residential cleaning company and commercial cleaning company , equipped to keep your home or business in top shape for years to come. Our hundreds of happy clients can testify to the quality of our work, the efficiency of our professionals, and the beautiful clean that they experience. If you’re ready to see how a professional can upgrade your home or commercial building and keep your space sparkling, contact TMG Companies today and schedule a professional cleaning for your home or office or fill out the form on this page and we'll contact you!

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