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Remove Gum From Your Carpet Easily

When you have kids you most likely see gum end up all over the place, including in the couches or even in more likely, your carpet. Now getting that gum out can be really tough and the longer it’s there the harder it gets because it gets more and more embedded into the fabric and becomes stiff. Once you see the gum it’s time to act! However you need to move cautiously or bad things can happen such as tearing out carpet etc. There are many methods to getting out the gum in your carpet, below are a few. However, if you don’t have the time or aren’t successful in removing, Call on your local professional carpet cleaners at TMG Companies to get the job done!

Freeze the Gum Out

Get your ice cubes ready! One of the easiest ways to get gum out of fabric is to first freeze it. Grab a bag and fill it with ice or you might be able to use a bag of peas. However, we recommend a plastic zip lock bag because there is nothing in it. Sometimes a bag of frozen peas has the print on it run off and now you have a colored carpet!

Place the Ice on the gum and leave it for about 30 minutes. Once the gum is frozen and hard, pull the gum up with your fingertips or a dull knife or spoon. Cold gum becomes less sticky and brittle and will allow you to break it up from the carpet more easily. Do this very carefully. You don’t want to pull fibers out of the carpet. A small amount of dish soap can be blotted on the carpet to break down and remove the remaining residue. .

Heat the Gum Out

Put a clean cloth over the gum. Then grab hair dryer to heat the area and loosen up the gum. As the gum softens, it should start to stick to the cloth. Be very careful not to overheat or melt carpet fibers. With extreme heat, you can actually cause your carpets to catch fire. While we are telling you this is an option, please do not try this at home. This method should definitely be left to a professional.

Use Solvents

Try using solvents to break down the gum instead. Most home improvement stores will carry some form of goo/gum remover solvent. Make sure the solvent is safe for the particular fabric by reading the instructions. Apply little solvent to the carpet and work it in gently with a brush. The gum should soften. Depending on the solution you bought it could it could dissolve the gum as well. Keep repeating but be careful not to overdue it and start breaking the carpet down. It also helps to have a powerful wet/ dry vacuum handy to suck up the residue as you go. Eliminate Remaining Gum Residue

Please keep in mind your best option to remove gum from your carpet or upholstery is to schedule an appointment with a professional carpet cleaning company. TMG specializes in removing all types of spots and stains from your carpet without damaging the fibers of your carpet. While the methods above can work, you run the risk of making the problem worse. If you are concerned, consult a professional before trying to tackle the problem on your own.

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