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TMG Companies is proud to be your local partner to help keep your facilities clean and productive, and your employees and customers safe in this unprecedented time. Whether you are a bank, school, healthcare facility or business facing these unsanitary situations, we are here to help. We offer disinfecting services, sanitizing services, and deep cleans.

Reopening Day Coronavirus Cleaning in CT:

What Businesses Need to Know to Get Back to Business

Whether you are closed business looking forward to opening day or an essential business, every business is trying to find the best way to keep its workplace clean and free of the coronavirus for its employees and customers. That’s why TMG Companies, a commercial cleaning company, would like to offer some coronavirus cleaning tips for everyone working through this pandemic. We are all in this together and we are looking forward to everyone getting back to work as safely as possible.
Making sure your business is germ free can be overwhelming if you are doing it yourself but if it helps remember you are doing it for; your employees,your customers and you and your families health. Here are some critical tips that we recommend businesses take when cleaning for coronavirus to help keep your employees and customers safe:
Cleaning When Close. Not every business, like a supermarket. If you run an office building, an office park, a church, a car dealership or any business that can be empty for a period of time you will see your best results towards cleanliness and being germ free. The virus may still be on countertops or the floor, but it won’t be in the air so it can be properly cleaned and removed. But it can remain on countertops and doorknobs for hours – and even days. It depends on the type of surface the virus lands on.
Waiting 24 hours is recommended for suspected and confirmed virus exposure areas per the CDC, but even if the virus has never been at your business (as far as you know) it’s still a good idea to assure your business is in the clear. Also, assuring you, your staff or cleaning service is wearing the correct personal protective equipment will protect yourself from potential infection and also limit any reintroduction of the virus during the disinfection.
Clean before disinfecting. Before you begin disinfecting, you want to do a regular cleaning, and it can be with all-purpose cleaner, the kind you would find at the supermarket. You want to clean all visibly dirty surfaces in your facilities to remove dust and soils – and then disinfect the workspace. The disinfectant applied later will be more effective on surfaces if the dirt, grime, and dust is removed.
Do a deep clean and disinfection. That means thoroughly cleaning everything. You need to go beyond vacuuming, mopping of floors and throwing out trash.
Some of the typical areas or items in your office workspace you would want to focus on include:

  • Entryways/Exits – where people come and go
  • Light switches and light switch plate covers
  • All handles: Doors, cabinets, restrooms, sinks, stair handrails, etc.
  • Telephone receivers, TV remotes, cashier registers
  • Refrigerator, both in and out
  • All frequently used items in the kitchen, breakrooms, and restrooms
  • Tables, chairs, desks, from the lobby to the conference room

This is just a start. It almost isn’t possible to go overboard when doing a deep clean for the coronavirus.
Recommended by the EPA. TMG Companies uses hospital-grade disinfectants rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).You can use the same disinfectants.
Areas of high traffic. While you should clean everything that you can, focus on areas that have the most people. For instance, pay attention to your entrances and exits, waiting rooms and conference rooms.
Clean electronics. Printers, scanners, copiers, paper shredders, laptops, computers, cash registers– they all collect dust, and they all are used often by employees. Don’t forget the kitchen! We touch these things and we breathe on them.
Replace Your Air Filters. The coronavirus is known to be in the air. Increased ventilation is thought to be important for facilities to limit the spread of potentially infected droplets. While you may be running your air systems more, make sure your air filter is being changed regularly so the system is able to run at its full capacity.
Personal Protection Procedures. Strategically place hand sanitizing stations and disinfecting wipes for you and your employees to readily clean surfaces throughout the workday.
Clean Is Now A Necessity. Even after you open, you’ll still want to clean and disinfect on a regular basis, to reduce the odds of transference in your facility and thus reduce the odds of your employees, customers or clients from getting sick. Still, keep in mind that the next deep clean will be easier.

Disinfecting Services

Who Should Use Disinfecting Services?

These commercial disinfecting services are used in medical offices, manufacturing facilities, offices, hospitals, schools, daycares, veterinary clinics, retail, and other businesses. Professional disinfecting services are best for high-traffic businesses. Help avoid the spread of COVID-19 by providing a one-time disinfecting service to your facility.

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