Factors That Affect How Long It Takes For Your Carpets To Dry After Cleaning

Factors That Affect How Long It Takes For Your Carpets To Dry After Cleaning

Do you want to bring your carpets back to life in your home or business to make them look like new again? The best way to do it is by calling on professional carpet cleaners like TMG Companies to come out and clean your carpets. We can get your carpets as clean as possible and extend the life of them dramatically.One thing to keep in mind when you have decide to have your carpets professionally cleaned is that you have to give them to dry afterwards before you start walking on them.

Here are a few factors that will impact how long it takes your carpeting to get completely dry.


If the carpets in your business or home are in rough shape, professional carpet cleaners will have to work really hard to get them looking like new. They’ll have to spend more time on them and use more water and solution while cleaning your carpets. This will result in your carpets getting wetter than they would normally, which will increase the amount of time it’ll take for your carpets to dry.


The carpets in your home or business will dry quicker when you have air flowing throughout the home or office. You should consider opening up all the windows in your home or business to increase the airflow. You should turn on your ceiling fans to circulate the air more effectively. This will make your carpets dry a lot quicker.


The higher the humidity level, the longer it’s going to take for your carpets to dry. When the air inside or outside your home or business is humid, it will make it hard for the water evaporate that is in your carpets. If you have an air conditioner or dehumidifier in your home or office turn it on because this will increase your dry time.

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