With all the spring cleaning that awaits you at home, I’m sure the last thing you want to do is clean out your cubicle. But because you probably just spring cleaned your whole house, its a good opportunity to continue this trend to your work life. By tidying up your workspace you can help focus better, work more efficiently, and bring a ray of new life to your daily routine. Or, at least make it smell nicer.

But don’t worry you won’t being getting on your hands and knees with a scrub brush. However, with these few simple steps, you can revitalize your cube in no time.

Get Rid of the Junk

Over the years, your desk are has probably accumulated a lot of things that you don’t actually need. This is the time to sort through all of your overflowing cups of pens and pencils, and throw out the writing utensils that are out of ink, out of lead, or too ridden with bite marks. Go through all those snacks you have stashed in your bottom drawer and get rid of anything that might be questionable and transfer everything else into an airtight plastic container.

Organize Those Drawers

Are you someone who suffers from a hoarder syndrome: a tendency to hang onto every paper and file that crosses your desk, under the guise that you’ll eventually need to reference it again. Do you have a tendency to keep and collect everything? Do you have documents and files that are years old and haven’t seen the light of day in years? Well it is now time to get rid of it all.

This is the time get organized. You should start by throwing out or shredding anything that is clearly outdated or unnecessary—like the draft versions of the quarterly report from six quarters ago—or, if you can’t bear to part with certain old files, box them up and ask your boss if there’s a nearby storage area. With everything else, invest half an hour into devising a filing system: Clearly label file folders, hang them alphabetically in a drawer, and sort away.

3. Clear Your Workspace

A cluttered desktop isn’t only inefficient—it also serves as a constant, in-your-face to-do list. And when you’re trying to focus on the task at hand, the last thing you want to be thinking about is the next five items on your list. It is important to clear away all of your desktop clutter. Now that your drawers are prepped and organized, you can now file away any papers and tuck those loose items into drawer organizers (the ones with lots of small compartments can help keep even the tiniest objects separated).

It’s helpful to leave the things you use most—like your laptop, stash of pens, and Post-it notes—out in the open, while the less-utilized items (your three-hole punch, tape, and pushpins) can stay neatly put away in a drawer until they’re needed.

4. Actually Clean

Sure, the floor underneath your desk may get vacuumed every night by the janitorial staff, but with an entire building to clean, but they probably don’t dust the ins and outs of every workspace.

This part is probably what you were dreading the most, but once all of your stuff is cleared away, it’ll be a breeze. You don’t need to scrub every nook and cranny with a toothbrush but the cleaning task won’t feel 100% complete until you get rid of all of the dust, dirt, and debris.

So take a bottle of compressed air to your keyboard, dust your computer screen, and wipe down the surface of your desk. You don’t even need to worry about spray bottles and rags—just bring in some dry Swiffer cloths, and give your workspace a quick once-over.

When the clutter is cleared away, breathe in that fresh springtime air, and kick back and relax—er, get back to work.

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