As the temperatures stay warm we all get that itch to clean our homes. We have spent the last fews months cooped up in your home staying warm. The task can be daunting though and a little overwhelming. We have provided a few preparations to get your house organized and sparkling clean. With a these tips, you’ll be ready to throw open the windows and enjoy the fresh air.

How to Prepare for Cleaning:

1. Get in the mood!

The thought of cleaning either sparks joy or dread. In order for your spring cleaning endeavors to be effective and at least a tiny bit fun, you need to prepare yourself mentally. You should focus on how wonderful it will feel to transition into new season with a fresh, clean, and welcoming home. To make the tasks seem less daunting you should set a date so that you can keep with your cleaning. Mark it on the calendar, and commit to keeping that date.

2. Create a List:

As you survey your home and space you might get overwhelmed with everything. You might even try to tackle things all at once or bounce around from room to room sporadically. To stay organized and on track you should create a list of everything that needs to be done. Have the top priority spaces done first so you can dictate what all you need, and where to start. Lists can help you stay on track and not veer off course. When it comes to cleaning we can easily.

3. Purchase Supplies:

Make sure you have all of the proper supplies. After you made your list of what needs to clean, you can assess everything you need. This might include fresh rubber gloves, plenty of cleaning sprays, trash bags, rags, paper towels, and any other supplies that you may need. You should also stock up on lightbulbs, drain clog remover, door hinge grease, and other small things you may find require fixing along the way. By getting these supplies ahead of time it’ll save you from having to take several trips to the store while you clean. This can also help you stay focused so you aren’t having to stop and start your cleanings every time you need a new cleaner.

4. Declutter

Before you start you big clean you should also take steps toward declutter. Obviously as you clean you will throw things away and reorganize, but that isn’t what we’re talking about when it comes to decluttering your space before you clean. You will want to do things like take out all of the recycling, put away all of your clothes, get rid of old food from the refrigerator, and so on. This is one of the simplest ways to get your home ready for spring.

On Cleaning Day

1. Vacuum and Mop last

You will want to start with dusting all of those hard-to-reach places. Like cleaning the ceiling fans, the top of your refrigerator, the top of the TV stand, and light fixtures. These are typically places that you don’t typically clean on your average house cleaning day. Because you won’t vacuum or mop until the end you won’t have to worry about getting the floors messy. By waiting to mop and vacuum until the end you won’t stress over getting the floors dirty while you are cleaning.

2. Clean out furniture

You should clean out your cabinets and the refrigerator early on. Also Don’t forget to clean underneath and around the coils, where dust and grime can have an impact on the efficiency of your appliances.

3. Wipe down the walls

A winter of being closed in will likely mean your walls have accumulated more grime and dust than you are aware of. As long as your paint can handle a washing, then you can use a sponge mop to do the dirtiest work and dry your walls with a soft, clean cloth. If you aren’t sure whether your paint can withstand washing, spot test it somewhere out of sight.

4. Wash carpets and upholstery

Fabrics may not show the grime yet, but over time they will set in and stain. By using a carpet cleaner and you will be amazed at just how dirty the water becomes. You can even rent a small upholstery cleaner for a decent price. This will do wonders for your sofa seat. You will need to make sure you arrange your schedule to leave enough time for the surfaces to dry.

5. Now You Can Vacuum & Mop

Now you can vacuum, mop, and vigorously sweep your home. All of the dirt and grime that has accumulated over time and during your clean up can now be properly cleaned up.

If cleaning your house from top to bottom seems like something that is more than you can handle due to your lifestyle or family needs, or maybe your home is just really big. Check out our residential cleaning services. Allow us to worry about the cleaning and dusting.

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