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What A Clean Bathroom Says About Your Company

Clean bathrooms are more pleasant and comfortable, and dirty bathrooms can make you very uncomfortable. No matter where it is, a bathroom should always be clean as it is a representation of you or your business. In an office building, the bathroom is a busy place with people coming in an out all day so it’s essential to keep it clean. Beyond keeping it looking and smelling nice there are alot of health reasons to keep a clean bathroom. 

A Clean Bathroom Keeps Your Employees Healthy

Bacteria lingers in bathrooms and the bacteria will grow if they are left uncleaned and dirty. Employees may get headaches or feel fatigued from bacteria when they are exposed to an unhealthy bathroom. Simply put, if a bathroom is dirty enough, employees will get sick and your are opening yourself up to them spreading these germs and employees taking sick leave. Therefor by hiring a professional cleaning company you will keep your employees healthy and keep them working which will have a huge return on investment.

A Clean Bathroom Promotes Better Air Quality

When air becomes stale it starts to promote the growth of dust, mold and bacteria in the air. A bathroom that has not been cleaned promotes this lower air quality. When their is poor air quality, employees are less productive because the air they are breathing is making them feel sick and tired.  Cleaning bathrooms regularly will improve the air and work productivity.

Get Everyone Involved

To keep a bathroom as clean as possible, ask for employees to participate by using proper restroom manners. Have them flush toilets immediately, close the toilet lid, dispose of sanitary items properly and wash hands properly to avoid spreading germs.

Following these tips will ensure your office has higher productivity levels and a clean bathroom that everyone can use confidently and comfortably!

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