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What Causes Hard Water Spots and How You Can Get Rid Of Them

While owning a home or business, you will have to deal with issues that involve the removal of stubborn water spots on your windows caused by hard water. Hard water is a type of water full of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, metal cat-ions, and compounds such as sulfates and bicarbonates. When this type of water gets in contact with glass, it can form water spots that are hard to get rid of. If left on the surface these spots will eventually puncture the surface of the glass causing damage to your windows. Once hard water spots have developed on the exterior of your windows you only have a few options: Soft Washing, hiring a professional window cleaning company and in the worst case situation hiring a local general contractor to replace all of your windows.
Household windows are the most common sites for water spots. Ordinary cleaning techniques don’t completely erase water spots caused by hard water, unless of course it is cleaned immediately. TO get rid of hard water spots you would typically use acidic substance that break down mineral deposits. White vinegar or lemon juice are the common DIY solutions often used in any household, however be aware that you probably won’t get it all removed.
Getting rid of hard water spots is a difficult job, some of our tips in preventing hard water spots are:
– Avoid overspray on your windows with hard water.
– Position water sprinklers away from glass windows.
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