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What Could It Mean If You Have Smelly Carpets

You know how you go some places and they smell musty and old? Right away you notice that smell. What happens if you come home one day and you smell that smell? Could it be your carpets all of a sudden went bad because that smell wasn’t there before? If you had a leak or water flood in on your carpets, you may have moldy carpets and it’s something that has been living and breathing under there for some time.


One of the most important things about water damage is to clean it up quickly. No matter if  you had water damage due to leaky pipes or a broken appliance, if the water reached your carpets and they were treated professionally, you still have the effects of that water damage happening right beneath your feet. Mold is living and breathing in your carpets, and you need to take care of it. ASAP.
Mold takes 24 to 48 hours to grow in the right environment. Your home is a constant food supply to the mold spores. Mold spores feed on drywall, insulation, paper, wood and anything it can attach itself too. After a day or more, the mold starts creating black stains and starts to become very harmful.


Mold is typically discovered after it starts to create black stains. By then it is already causing damage both to your property and your health. If you think you have mold, you should call a mold removal company to check it out.  The mold typically grows where the area of water damage occurred, or where high humidity is found such as a basement. If you previously had water leaks or a spill on your carpet – that’s where the mold will start growing.

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