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What To Consider When Dealing With Fire Restoration | TMG Companies

What To Consider When Dealing With Fire Restoration | TMG Companies

It’s always best to contact a professional fire and smoke damage restoration company immediately, as they can help you get your property on the road towards recovery.
Even small fires can cause significant issues due to the water intrusion left behind from firefighting efforts, damaged furniture and other belongings, and the soot left behind.
Here are a few facts to consider when dealing with fire and smoke damage restoration:


The damage from a fire can affect the structural integrity of your home or office building, so you should be extremely cautious to enter the property before professionals let you know it is safe to enter.


Fire and smoke can rapidly cause severe damage to your property. Soot residue settles immediately after a fire, and it can cause permanent discoloration.
Also, just hours after a fire, the finishings on wood furniture can be ruined, metals can rust, and clothing could be permanently discolored.
And walls and floors are likely to be damaged too, from peeling and discolored paint to warped floors and drywall. The longer you wait to act, the more expensive and challenging restoration will be.


Contacting the experts, like us at TMG, immediately may seem unnecessary, but we can help to limit further issues as you deal with the fire and smoke damage restoration process.
They can assess the damage, determine items that can be saved, and work to remove the water, along with other odors, from your home or building. With the right equipment and expertise, they know how to act effectively and quickly.


It is certainly not easy to restore fabrics and remove smoke and soot odors from textiles. This includes clothing, carpet, and other materials. An expert cleaner can assist with more challenging items, especially carpet and delicate clothing.
After the smell has been dealt with, you’ll still need several wash cycles to get your clothing and your carpet clean.


Fire suppression efforts can ruin your possessions as well. Water used to put out the fire can result in water damage. And water damage left untreated can lead to mold growth. Typical firefighting chemicals can also leave behind a mess. In most cases, dealing with these issues requires the experts to be called in to help.
There is a lot to think about when it comes to restoring your property after a fire. Hopefully, this information will help you on your way to dealing with fire and smoke damage safely.

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