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What To Deep Clean After THe Holidays


After the last few weeks of cooking, baking, and storing leftovers, your fridge could probably use a good cleaning! Start by throwing out anything that’s old or empty. Then set aside the remaining food so you can clean inside the fridge itself.


During the holidays your dishwasher is likely to be working overtime in order to clear away all of the heavy holiday food residue from your dishes. All that gunk can build up on the inside of your dishwasher and make your dishwasher less effective!


It is likely that you played host to some guests over the holidays, and that means that your bathrooms could probably use a good cleaning too. Bathrooms are already high traffic areas, and when you add in the number of extra guests that were around, then you bathroom is probably overdue for a cleaning. Make sur to clean the counters, the toilet and toilet handle, the sinks, and the tub/ shower if you had overnight guests.

Floors, Carpets & Upholstery

Not only do you probably have gift opening residue on your floors (like glitter, shedded pieces of wrapping paper/ tissue paper, ribbons, etc.) but you have to consider any extra foot traffic, and any spills or splatters from holiday dinners. Also think about any new upholstery stains or just the cleanliness of your couches and chairs. It’s best to tackle those areas now, while the spills are still relatively fresh. (They’ll get harder to remove the longer they sit!)

 Oven/ Stove Top

Is your oven and stovetop currently in rough shape after all the cooking and baking you have been doing? Then it is time to clean it! It is likely that the inside of your oven and your stove top are in need of a good scrubbing. Don't let food residue sit for too long or it'll be harder to clean later.

Pick Up Pine Needles

Vacuums can struggle to pick up all those stray pine needles that are scattered across the carpet. Instead, use a lint roller to pick them up! It’s easy and effective. (This works for needles from both real and fake trees too!)

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